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Story of Do Thi Loan – 32 years old, living in Hai Phong, Vietnam:

“After our first child I went to a private clinic to ask about contraception and the doctor recommended and provided an IUD. But after 2 years, I unexpectedly fell pregnant even though I hadn’t removed the IUD. I was very worried so I went back to that clinic to get a check-up. The doctor said that my IUD was displaced and I shouldn’t keep the baby because it would not be good for me and could easily lead to a miscarriage”, Loan shared .

Loan was very shocked and worried at the news. She didn’t expect to have a second child at that time, but also didn’t want to get an abortion. Loan told the doctor that she needed time to think about the situation because it’s a very difficult decision for her. After discussing the situation with her husband, they decided to see another doctor before making any decision.

A friend of Loan introduced her to Dr. Luong’s clinic, which is part of the BlueStar network in Hai Phong. “My first impression was that the clinic wasn’t very big and looked just like all the other clinics from outside, but then when we walked inside I was very surprised. It was clean and tidy, and the machines all looked very new. The staff at the clinic greeted my very warmly and were very polite, which made me feel welcome and much less worried”, Loan excitingly shared about her first time visiting the BlueStar clinic.

“After listening to my situation Dr Luong did some examinations and then explained to me that my IUD had displaced and was now completely outside of the uterus, so it wouldn’t be harmful to my baby and there is nothing to worry about. Dr Luong removed the IUD and I now have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I feel very thankful that Dr Luong saved my son’s life,” Loan said happily.

Loan went back to Dr Luong for contraception after the birth of her second child. Dr Luong consulted with Loan on many different contraceptive methods that would be suitable for her. “Dr. Luong explained to me very carefully about each method’s pros and cons and side effects. The contraceptive pill is convenient but you have to remember to take it every day, so decided on the IUD again, which Dr Luong inserted for me at the BlueStar clinic. It’s been two years and everything is going well. I come to Dr. Luong’s clinic to do regular check-ups on my IUD. Both of my babies are growing up healthy and I’m very happy.”

Story of Hoang Thi Thuy – 35 years old, factory worker:

Access to affordable and quality sexual and reproductive health and family planning services can be challenging, especially for female factory workers. Due to the long working hours for factory workers, Hoang Thuy, who works in a garment factory, shared that it’s very difficult for her to schedule time to visit a clinic or hospital for regular check-ups because the factory is very far from the city center where the clinics are located.

“I am aware of the need to have regular health checks, especially for reproductive health. However, I don’t have much time for myself and my health. After work I usually spend time taking care of my family, including my young two kids. Moreover, my house is quite far from the hospital and clinics so it’s very difficult for me to take care of my health,” said Thuy.

Last year, Marie Stopes Vietnam conducted a mobile services through the BlueStar network to provide free sexual and reproductive health and family planning services for workers in the factory Thuy Hoang works at. “Everyone was so happy that BlueStar came to our factory to provide free services. We don’t get many opportunities like that so we all decided to see the doctor. After some examinations and simple tests, the doctor told me that I have cervical ectropion. He told me not to worry, prescribed me the treatment and gave me useful advice. I followed the doctor’s instruction and now I’m completely treated. I’ve shares the advice with my friends so they can keep themselves healthy too”, Thuy said happily.

Hoang Thuy and many of the other female workers have directly benefited from BlueStar network. Thanks to the financial support from the Australian Government, the project has successfully brought quality services to thousands of workers in needs. The project has given worker’s the ability to better control of their reproductive health, which gives hope for a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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