Safe abortion

Many people are certain with their decisions about induced abortion but others may feel hesitant about it. At Marie Stopes Vietnam (MSV) clinics, experienced staff will share and discuss options with you to help you have the most reasonable decision.

Marie Stopes Vietnam provides reproductive health and family planning services in a professional, friendly, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

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There are 2 safe abortion methods you can use: Safe medical abortion & Safe surgical abortion

Safe medical abortion

What does medical abortion mean?

It is a method of abortion brought about by taking medication to terminate pregnancies of gestational age of no more than 7 weeks since your last menstrual period.
Generally, medication administration is provided twice with a 36 to 48 hour interval at MSV clinics.

How does medical abortion occur at MSV clinics?
The receptionist receives you and arranges immediate counseling for you. You can ask any question you want. Our staff will provide you with the most appropriate advice. After that, an ultrasound will be conducted to ascertain if you are pregnant and the gestational age.

What should you do if you feel worried?
Let us know if you feel worried. We are always ready to share and help you. Do not be embarrassed or shy.

First medication intake
You can leave the clinic 15 minutes after taking the medicine. You can work normally if you feel comfortable

If vaginal bleeding occurs, do not worry because it is very common when using this medicine
If you feel uncomfortable or have abdominal pain, take sedative tablets
Drink plenty of water, especially when you feel uncomfortable
Don’t worry if the abortion occurs before you take the second medication! Call us or come to our clinic for counseling

Safe surgical abortion

Once you decided not to continue with the pregnancy at a certain moment of time, one of the safe abortion methods you can choose is safe surgical abortion. Remember: Termination can never be done unless you are fully volunteer and conscious about your decision. Before the procedure, you will receive counseling on contraceptives. We encourage all clients to have their best suitable contraceptive before leaving MSV clinics.

How is surgical abortion done?
It is a simple, fast and safe method. The procedure is complete within 10 minutes. The fetal tissues are removed through a small, soft tube and no pain is experienced. Clients then rest at the clinic for 30 minutes to 1 hour before leaving. We are committed to guaranteing the clients’ privacy and confidentiality.

How do you feel when you experience pregnancy termination?
Each person feels differently; however, the common one is slight discomfort similar to menstrual cramp. This feeling occurs occurs for a short period and declines after the procedure ends.

Are you at any risk?

The risk is low in the early stages of pregnancy. However, you should be aware of some potential risk when you choose abortion. Specifically:

You should follow the instructions of post-abortion care provided by health workers at MSV clinics to minimize the risk of infection.

In exceptional cases, the abortion may be incomplete. Contact us immediately if you suspect that you are still pregnant to have an examination and repeat procedure if necessary.

The placenta is retained in the uterine cavity in very rare cases. You should still contact us if you have such signs as increasing abdominal pain, prolonged bleeding and/or fever > 380C.

Post-abortion care
How will you feel after abortion?
Most women feel relieved but some women feel a bit uncomfortable. You may also feel slightly tired for several days. Come to MSV clinics any time to discuss with our trained professionals.

What you do after abortion?

You should lie down and eat some food
Keep you external genital organs clean
Do not douche your vaginal

To minimize the risk of infection within the first 2 weeks after abortion, you should not:
Insert anything including fingers into your vaginal
Have sexual intercourses
Do hard work

Menstruation and contraceptives
The menstrual period often resumes within 4-8 weeks after the date of abortion.

Do not forget that before the occurrence of your first menstrual period, you can still ovulate and get pregnant. Thus, after an abortion, you must use contraceptives. MSV clinics will counsel and help you make the best choice of contraceptive.

Common post-abortion symptoms

Bleeding: You will experience vaginal bleeding for around 5 days after the date of abortion. For some women, bleeding may last for 2 weeks or even 45 days but it is not a sign of danger.

Nausea: Nausea and morning sickness will gradually reduce and end after abortion. Contact MSV clinics if you still have a feeling of morning sickness after 2 weeks.

Breast tenderness: You may feel breast tenderness for 2 weeks following the abortion.

Abnormal signs
Generally, safe abortions rarely have complications. However, you should come to MSV clinics for checkup if you have the following signs:

Fatigue and poor appetite within 1 week after abortion
Fever (light fever or > 380C)
More than usual and prolonged bleeding than regular menstrual period
Persistent clots
Abdominal pain
Leucorrhea odour
Menstrual period does not resume after 4 weeks

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