Early cervical cancer screening

What early cervical cancer screening means?
It is a test to check your cervical status (the cervix is the lower portion of the uterus where it joins with the top end of the vagina).
Many women feel worried when they do this test. However, periodical test to enable early detection and treatment before it becomes severe save hundreds of thousands of lives every year. That’s why you should be confident rather than worried because you can be in control your health.

Why early cervical cancer screening is important?
Early cervical cancer screening can identify any change in your cervical cells. These changes may be the cause for cancer despite their slow progress. Once abnormal cervical cells are identified, you will be closely followed-up and/or have access to proper treatment in the initial stages.

When early cervical cancer screening should be done?
MSV advises all women who have sexual intercourse and are aged between 30 – 49 years to have early cervical cancer screening. However, you can do it earlier if you experience any unusual signs.

If no abnormal signs are detected in the first test, you should have another test in 3 years time. At MSI clinics, early cervical cancer testing is provided as an integrated service in a women health care package or as a separate test depending on your request.

How is early cervical cancer screening conducted?
First, the service provider requests you to lie on the exam table. They then gently insert an instrument into your vagina to see your cervix clearly. After observation of the relevant portions, the provider applies some solutions onto your cervix. The result becomes clear after several minutes. The provider will discuss the results with you.

Is the test painful?

Don’t worry!
You may feel a mild sting or pain but it is not dangerous and will release very quickly. Some women do not have any feeling. Keep your mind and body relaxed and you will feel comfortable.

What happens if the result if abnormal?
Don’t be frightened!
Any change on the surface of cervix has slow progress.
You will be given adequate explanation about your test result and guidance for the following steps. We will advise you to have continuous follow up or to go to relevant health facilities if the result is positive.

How can I be treated?

Depending on your test result, the service provider will discuss the next steps with you. In case of a positive result, proper treatment often has positive result especially when the diseases are identified early.

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