Ante-Natal check-up

Ante-natal care refers to the health monitoring of the mother and unborn baby during the course of a woman’s pregnancy. All pregnant women need to have regular checks to make sure their baby is developing properly and that they are in good health. Ante-natal checks will tell you when your baby is due, identify any special health conditions and / or if you are risk of developing complications. Finally ante-natal checks are important to ensure early detection of any abnormalities in the baby’s development.

Marie Stopes Vietnam recommends the following program for ante-natal check-ups during pregnancy:  

  1. Foetal examination including heart beat and weight measurement: 4 times
  2. Urine test: 4 times
  3. Blood pressure: 4 times
  4. Mother’s weight: 4 times
  5. Heart and lung function check: 4 times
  6. Tetanus vaccination: Twice
  7. Ultrasound: 3 times

Ante-natal care at Marie Stopes Vietnam clinics also includes free advice and counseling for pregnant women about pregnancy lifestyle including nutrition, activities and rest.

Marie Stopes Vietnam provides reproductive health and family planning services in a professional, friendly, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

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