Public Private Partnership

Empower Program – Vietnam

The overall goal of the Empower program is to contribute towards women and girls realising their economic potential through improved utilisation of high quality, comprehensive, affordable and equitable sexual and reproductive health and family planning information (SRH/FP), services and products at a community level.

By improving the MS Ladies socio-economic status and increasing their decision-making ability, the Empower program will support their ability to increase their sense of agency and their leadership capabilities. MS Ladies will become role models and agents of change particularly for women and girls in their communities who may not have the opportunity to advocate for their SRH/FP rights. MS Ladies will seek to combat gender inequalities in their communities by expanding the availability of comprehensive, equitable, high quality and affordable SRH/FP information, services and products for those most in need. Improved access to preferred contraceptive methods for women and girls is essential to securing their well-being and autonomy. 

The aims of the Empower program are:
MS Ladies have improved business skills and knowledge and access to resources
MS Ladies have the skills and confidence to provide SRH/FP services to women and girls
Target populations will have increased awareness and access to comprehensive, affordable, inclusive and equitable SRH/FP services and products
Partners are provided with an evidence-base to facilitate learning and support policy dialogue promoting sustainable SRH/FP service delivery
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