Corporate Health Program

HER project

Improve general health amongst the workers of Abercombie and Fitch Supplier Factories in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam

Every year an increasing number of young unmarried women migrate from agricultural areas of the north to industrial areas of the south in search of income and jobs. Manufacturing industries in particular attract young unmarried women, mostly aged 18-25. Vietnam has performed better in the last decade on delivering health services to both sexes. However cultural norms still put women at greater health risk than men as women still put their families’ needs above their own health. A female factory workers’ health needs assessment in Viet Nam under HER project indicated that female migrant workers have limited knowledge on contraceptive methods, consumption of contraceptives was also reported to be relatively low (only 30 percent used IUDs and 30 percent used condoms), high risk of unwanted pregnancy, are unaware of their right to be assigned easier duties during pregnancy and the right to maternity leave; which could lead to poor productivity, or increasing economic vulnerability.


Marie Stopes Vietnam conducts a series of activities to addresses the needs outlined and pave the way for sustainable at 4 factories in and around HCM city (Hansae, Hansoll Vina, Eins Vina, Shing Viet factories). Activities include: information education and communications; trainings for peer educators to provide information to their factory workers; training for clinic staff on sexual reproductive health and family planning counselling and infection prevention; and monitoring project outcomes.

The project has successfully engaged participation of workers and factory management boards. Factory managers provided strong support and encouragement to project activities, and peer educators were enthusiastic and creative in organizing SRH/FP information discussions to their factory workers. Workers actively access factory clinics to seek for SRH/FP counselling when needed.


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