Corporate Health Program

Grand Challenges Canada - “Improved access to sexual reproductive health information and services for female workers

Through this project MSV will establish a BlueStar corner within a factory health clinic to provide sexual and reproductive health and family planning (SRH/FP) services. By providing SRH/FP services within the factory health clinic workers have reduced time and financial burdens associated with seeking care, less unwanted pregnancies and workers in factories providing SRH/FP services have been found to be healthier and more productive.

 MSV will conduct refresher clinical trainings to service providers on SRH/FP service delivery, including sessions on infection prevention, emergency preparedness and service quality. MSV will also conduct regular quality monitoring of the clinic, whereby MSV’s medical development team will observe on-site service provision and offer recommendations for further improvements.

Services provided at the clinic will include:
Modern contraception counseling and provision
Early pregnancy detection
Pregnancy care
Gynecological diseases and sexual transmitted diseases testing and treatment
Cervical cancer screening and treatment
Home care spa
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