Corporate Health Program

CSR project

Advancing Social Economic Empowerment of Female Migrant Workers through Development and Implementation of Gender-sensitive Initiatives’ funded by the EU and executed by Marie Stopes Vietnam.





 Project achievements:

  1. Engaged 9 factories in Binh Duong and Dong Nai with 100,000 female workers in 3 years (2013-2015).
  2. 300,000 client visits benefited directly and indirectly from the Project
  3. Workers expressed their satisfaction with factory clinics almost doubled from 35% to 65% after 2 years
  4. Trained 279 peer educators and staff of 9 factory clinics on SRH counseling. Peer educators organised information sessions, individual counselling services (free) either over the phone or face-to-face.
  5. Offerred discount on SRH checks at Marie Stopes clinics via the e-voucher program for 5,000 workers.
  6. Percentage of out-of-pocket payment on health by female migrant workers reduced to 26%

Workers hesitate to get health checks due to no time after work, living far from hospitals or clinics, high costs, and psychology culture barriers. Mobile clinics combined with health fair days at 7 factories regularly, based on four factors: Accessibility – Quality – Attitude - Engagement, - addressed the most of workers’ concerns.

Pou Chen factory, a Dong Nai based Taiwanese footwear company with 23,000 workers, is one of successful examples of the project. Pou Chen took initiative to organize frequent reproductive health information sessions by peer educators and invited MSV to provide on-the-spot reproductive health checks and counselling for workers. Factory productivity, therefore, increased by 10-14%/year, labour turnover reduced 3%/month to 1%/month.


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