Corporate Health Program

Adidas project

Improving sexual & reproductive health amongst workers of 11 adidas suppliers factories in the Ho Chi Minh city and Binh Duong province, Viet Nam.

A baseline survey was conducted at adidas supplier factories in Vietnam in 2004 showing huge unmet needs of fundamental sexual and reproductive health of workers. As a result, adidas funded for establishment of a permanent reproductive health clinic, named Marie Stopes Binh Duong (MSBD), to serve workers in Binh Duong province and the surrounding communities. Since then, a mobile team has been travelling out from the clinic to the factories to provide a range of services, training factory clinic staff on counselling basic reproductive clinical services, and direct training of volunteer workers as peer-group leaders to distribute educational materials and information for other workers in the factories.

Both the permanent community clinic - MSBD - and the mobile clinical services grew in size and reputation. Both are operated to their full capacity, with workers from adidas Group suppliers and members of the general community making full use of the range of services. At the same time, regular meetings hold with supplier management, government health officials and Marie Stopes to improve services and require on-time support if necessary. This outreach also increased and improved the rate of cross-referrals between the MSBD clinic, other clinics, and hospitals in the project area.


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