What we do?

What we do?

We are one of the largest international family planning organizations in the world. Millions of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable women trust Marie Stopes to provide them with quality family planning and reproductive healthcare. Our aim is to ensure that every woman is able to choose for herself when to have children and how many to have.

In Vietnam, Marie Stopes works to raise awareness of and expand access to quality sexual reproductive health and family planning information and services, including safe abortion since 1989. We work with government, the private sector and local NGO partners to deliver services across a range of innovative channels to meet the diverse needs of our clients, particularly the vulnerable and underserved.

These services are provided in clinics, mobile outreach locations and through social franchises. We partner with a range of public and private healthcare providers through our public sector “tinh chi em – sisterhood” and “BlueStar” private sector social franchise, providing ongoing training and equipment in order to expand access to high quality family planning and safe abortion services. Wherever and however we deliver our services, we ensure that the same high level of clinical quality is delivered. All our service channels are supported by our nationwide Call Center, providing quality and confidential information to clients and linking them with our trusted service providers.

Our primary motivation is to help women avoid unintended pregnancies and reduce the number of unsafe deliveries and unsafe abortions, two of the biggest killers of women around the world.

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